CD Duplication

Cd rom duplication service is a cd rom presentation and dupication company. We cater for all your requirements
for cdroms.
We specialize in the design, development, production, duplication, replication and packaging of first class, multi-shape cdrom, cdrs, dvds and cd business cards. We can produce cds in almost any type of shape.
Get us to duplicate your CD 
  • Specializing in high quality short run CD-R burning (duplication) or longer run pressed CD's (replication). Ranging from as little as 25 compact discs or into the millions. Whatever your needs are, we can accomplish it. At CD Duplication Service you will receive customer service and attention that is second to none in the industry. Explore this site to find out how easy and worry free it can be to create high quality CD ROM packages with guaranteed turn times. 
  • ThermalG asked us to release a special DVD with a lot of details on the conundrum: flir i3 vs flir i7 review
If It's About An Audio CD

Cunrrently copying or duplicating audio CD's can cause you a lot of legal issues and problems. After a discussion with our "Rumble" friends ( we decided that it is better to cease this practice at least until we find a legal way to work around this.
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